About Us

MULTIRAIL is a leading company
in the design, manufacturing and supply
of professional catering equipment and restaurant cars
for high-speed trains



Born in 2000, MULTIRAIL specialize in the railway sector with design and manufacturing of customized furniture for train restaurant car.
Its experience and project management team assist customer from initial conceptual design phase
to final assembly and delivery to customer, including after–sales service.



MULTIRAIL, with its MULTIATLAS and MULTICOMBO lines is also a leading player
in professional and specific catering equipment for the railway sector
as well as for shipping, industrial, hospitals and restaurants.




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We are committed to the Quality of our products and services
as well as in all our activities.



Ongoing and constant product research
goes hand in hand with the continuous research we carry out aimed at protecting the environment
both within the company itself as well as outside it.


Being highly reliable products all MULTIRAIL products
pass countless tests and checks before being approved and released to the market.


MULTIRAIL employs a Quality Management System certified
in accordance with the ISO 9001 Standard
and as standard for the rail sector the Welding of Railway Vehicle and Components
according to UNI EN 15085-2:2008