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Rail Division
Multi Rail was set up in 2000 as a company specialising in catering for the rail sector. In less than a decade it has acquired a prestigious customer portfolio, a testament to its recognised professionalism.
Real Time Diagnostic 
The company is currently focusing its research on developing its "Ground-Train Monitoring system.
The key is excellence


Special applications 
Multi Rail produces special components for interiors created by designers and/or architects. The design idea and concept are defined down to the last detail, and translated into the functional, decorative aspects.
Catering accessories
The catering accessories designed for the rail division can be implemented just as effectively in other sectors, such as the marine and hospitals sectors.



Marine division – ships, yachts, rigs
The technical solutions and products designed to cope with problems of dynamic stress in rail catering have been successfully implemented in marine catering, where strong currents and winds cause extreme conditions.
Hospitals division 
Solutions to meet the needs of people working in the hospitals sector.




The successes achieved by Multi Rail are also the result of a clear corporate philosophy and mission shared by all the technical and administrative staff. In order to support its philosophy, Multi Rail introduced a Quality System that meets the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 international standards.





Company profile
The context we operate in


     InnoTrans 2012

Product Group                
  • Interior furnishings 
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Refrigeration and counter systems 
  • Food dispensing 
  • Food/beverage vending machines


  Automatic Cold Snack Food Vending Machine
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