Bistrò / Galley per i treni Talgo Spagna

MULTIRAIL produce 25 Bistrò / Galley per i treni Talgo in Spagna.

The Talgo’s mission is to become the leading company in the Spanish railway sector, with an international industrial presence and to be recognised worldwide for our innovative capacity, our technology, quality, reliability, and for the added value of our products and services.

Talgo strives to create an open working environment that encourages personal initiative and creativity. Technological developments, as well as original contributions which add value to our products and services are all essential traits of our company’s character.

Talgo makes an effort to supply our clients with high quality, innovative products and services that will meet their needs and expectations. We establish long-lasting, cooperative relationships with our clients, helping them to achieve success. We take on our clients’ goals as if they were our own, tending to their needs immediately and efficiently.



PROGETTO: 25 Bistrò / Galley per i treni Talgo in Spagna