A battery-powered train as a response to diesel traction

Bombardier Talent 3 battery-operated train

Bombardier Talent 3 battery-operated train

According to the studies of various companies operating in the rail transport sector, a battery-operated train could have a strong impact as regards the reduction of emissions, noise pollution and energy expenditure. They are convinced by the research division of Bombardier in Berlin, Germany, where they work on the Bombardier Talent 3, a electro-hybrid train that could represent a great step forward with regard to sustainable rail transport.

According to the company, such a system could reach 90% efficiency and recyclability and reduce noise pollution by 50% compared to current diesel trains: an undoubtedly advantageous investment considering the prospect of 30 years of expected service.

About 40% of the German railway network is not electrified and Bombardier’s electric traction train could be a valid answer in terms of ecological sustainability and cost containment.

At the moment the prospects for this type of vehicle seem good. The already developed prototype can cover routes of about 40 kilometers but the next generation of batteries, expected already this year, should allow covering up to 100 kilometers away.

The Talent 3, which won the Berlin Brandenburg Innovation Award last year, will be in operation as early as 2019

The battery train could be the new frontier for emission-free, low-consumption, low-impact rail transport