#BeatAirPollution: World Environment Day 5 june 2019

world environment day beat air pollution

5 june 2019



In 1972, with the birth of the United Nations Environment Program, World Environment Day (WED) was established. Since then, every 5 June, the official celebrations of this day are hosted in a different country and a theme is defined that will be the main reason for the initiatives that will follow around the world in the field of environmental protection.

This year 2019 the godmother nation of the event is China, which has organized a series of events in the city of Hangzhou with the intention of bringing attention to the fight against air pollution by launching the hashtag #BeatAirPollution.

Nine out of ten people (92% of the population) breathe an air that does not meet the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and as many as 7 million people die each year due to air pollution. From this point of view China, as this year’s green leader, is not a random choice as it could prove to be a virtuous example for many other countries. After the worrying news of the last few years concerning the concentration of fine particles in many of its cities, the People’s Republic of China has now become the world leader as far as the green energy sector is concerned, owning half of the electric vehicles present all over the world and the 99% of electric buses, without forgetting the constant research carried out in rail transport as an alternative to the rubber one.

This year 2019, the United Nations Environment Program has chosen to support, in collaboration with the WHO, the BreatheLife campaign which calls on governments, cities and individual citizens to engage in implementing policies and strategies aimed at achieving of three objectives:

  1. that national states and public administrations should strive to achieve air quality standards set by the WHO by 2030
  2. halve the number of deaths due to air pollution by 2030
  3. lower global average temperatures by 0.5 ° C by 2050

The guidelines to follow to achieve these goals will be many: connect the cities by sharing experiences in the field of emission abatement, extend air monitoring, educate people to be more aware of the problem and involve them in playing their part in the campaign and stimulate demand growth for innovative solutions that can be implemented by municipalities.

Climate change has now become a reality for all: it is up to everyone to take an interest and do their part to avoid irreversible consequences.

Every year at the World Environment Day a theme is proposed that will be the common thread for initiatives related to the preservation of our ecosystem. The hashtag #BeatAirPollution introduces the subject of this year: the fight against air pollution