Assifer Brochure 2019

The New Brochure Assifer 2019 is published, a Consultation and Promotion tool for Italian companies operating in the Railway Sector belonging to the ANIE Federation, the Federation of Confindustria Italia which represents electrotechnical and electronic companies, sectors among the most strategic and innovative in the scenario Italian national industrial company.


Nuova Brochure Assifer 2019

ASSIFER is the acronym of Italian Association of Railway Industry whose mission is:

  • Support the competitive growth of Associated Companies
  • Promote the development and evolution of the rail transport market
  • Promote the role of railway transport and electrified urban public transport in the development and modernization of the Country System and its infrastructures
  • Support innovation and sector research
  • Contribute to improving the quality of rail transport and urban transport


In the New Brochure Assifer 2019 the profile of MULTI RAIL is described as design, production and supply of equipment, systems and professional solutions for railway catering on high-speed trains, from the initial design concept to the final assembly-board-train, realizing all the catering areas (kitchen, galley, bar, seating).








The ASSIFER Institutional Activities are:

  • Activities to promote and protect the interests of the sector at National and Community Institutions, in particular the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Parliamentary Commissions
  • Constructive dialogue with sector customers and market operators (in particular the FSI Group), for the discussion of specific issues relating to the supplier / customer relationship (investment programs, qualification of companies, contractual matters, technical provisions, etc.)
  • Active presence in national and international technical regulatory offices (CEI CT9 “Electrical and electronic systems and components for traction” – UNI Commission U94 “Guided transport on iron” – ANSF National Railway Safety Agency – CENELEC TC9X – CEN TC256 – IEC TC9 – ISO TC269)
  • Participation in the activities of Confindustria and collaborations with other Sector Associations
  • Participation in UNIFE (Association of European Railway Industries)



The ASSIFER Services are:

  • Statistics and market data
  • Industry specialized press review
  • Procurement Newsletter
  • Disclosure of legal, technical and environmental information concerning institutions and market operators
  • Public Events networking



More info at the Assifer website

Multi Rail is an associated company of ASSIFER, the Italian Association of Railway Industry, a member of ANIE Federation, which brings together companies operating in Italy for rail transport technologies and mass public transport at the local level