High speed: Italy among the top 10 in Omio’s ranking

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Let’s continue with the article, that you can read here, by Corriere della Sera written by Antonio Caffo to talk about high speed and the status of the Italian one compared to the rest of the world.



The best nations for high speed

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The best nations for high speed

Omio is a German digital platform that manages the booking of travel by train, bus and plane. In the recent global ranking of nations with the best infrastructures for high speed recently published, Italy is among the top 10.

With 896km of AV and a train that reaches 300km / h on the Milan-Rome route, Italy occupies the seventh position worldwide.

In first place China, with 30,000km of active lines, while Spain is the best in Europe with 904km dedicated to high speed.



European excellence in high speed railways

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European excellence

Among the 10 countries in Omio’s ranking, as many as 6 are in Europe and with routes that cross national borders, such as the Eurostar that from 1994 connects London, Brussels and Paris.


Italian high speed railway network

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Italy on the podium

With a record of 394km / h on the Milan-Rome route (580km covered in less than 3 hours), Italy has one of the fastest lines ever, beaten only by Spain and France.


construction sites at work on high speed railways

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Construction sites that do not stop

As for the high-speed sections under construction, the ranking sees Spain in first place, followed by Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. As for the operational tracks, Italy is third behind France and Spain, where the former also holds the speed record: 575km / h with the TGV Pos.


high speed railways in other countries

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High speed outside Europe

Taking a look at the rest of the world rankings, the USA amazes only at the 16th place with 54km of high speed, where the Acela Express train reaches 240km / h on the Washington DC-Boston route.

In second place overall, Japan has 3,041km of AV tracks.

Saudi Arabia is in tenth place, with 453km of the Haramain line between Medina and Mecca.


AGV 575 Italian high speed record train

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The fastest in Italy

Having entered service in April 2012, the AGV 575 designed by Alstom in 2006, initially transported its passengers from Turin to Naples, while today it extends its route to Venice on one side and Salerno on the other.



Italian high speed railway network beyond Salerno

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AV Railway network in Italy

The high-speed tracks in Italy measure a total of 1,476km, where the Fracciarossa, Frecciarossa 1000 and Frecciargento of Trenitalia and the AVs of Italo connect the Italian cities from North to South, although there is still work to be done for the centers beyond Salerno.


Omio, the digital travel booking platform, ranks high speed trains. Even Italy in the top ten