Italo announces its commitment to greater sustainability

Italo train


The Sustainable Development Festival is the largest event in Italy aimed at promoting environmental, economic and social sustainability by raising awareness among citizens, institutions and businesses. Having arrived this year in its third edition, the festival is a promoter of a cultural change that brings Italy to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals that the United Nations have set for the year 2030.

Among the participating companies, also Italo, who during his speech exposed the bases on which he intends to move to reduce the environmental footprint of his transport services.

For the first private operator in Italy as regards the high-speed network, sustainability will be at the center of the next renovation work through the production of innovative trains made of recyclable materials such as aluminum, copper, glass and steel, the elimination of paper and greater attention to waste disposal.

According to studies carried out within the EU, the transport sector represents 31.8% of the total energy consumption in the old continent. Considering that the railway system is the transport system with the lowest energy impact (1.3%), encouraging its use compared to air and road transport would alone bring important benefits both in terms of energy consumption and reduction of CO2 emissions . A concrete example is that of the Milan-Rome section which, covered by a train, involves atmospheric emissions of no more than 14kg of CO2, compared to 66kg which can be reached by car and 94kg by plane.

The trains designed by Italo are made of 98% recyclable materials and, as for the AGV model, they are designed with aerodynamic systems aimed at reducing energy consumption, electrodynamic brakes regenerating and weight optimization. The Evo model was able to record an 8% reduction in mass levels per passenger.

Italo train Evo

Italo Evo ©


Even the use of on-board resources has been made more efficient by reducing the use of paper by more than 5,000kg with the installation in bathrooms of air hand dryers and the choice of digital magazines while for waste disposal the company has chosen to turn to partners that guarantee better recyclability standards, facilitated by a more informed use of packaging materials.

During the last Sustainable Development Festival Italo announced the measures it intends to take to reduce the environmental impact of its activities