Modular System and innovation in on board trains catering

multi line modular on board train catering system

While companies operating in the field of rail mobility are increasingly looking at technological innovation to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles, optimizing consumption and materials used, the partners that deal with the internal complements of the vehicles are called to provide cutting-edge solutions , able to respond to new technical needs.



MULTIRAIL, with a growth path that is approaching twenty years, keeps pace with market demands by making research and development in the field of railway catering its strong point. An example is the MODULAR WAY system, designed with the needs of on-board train staff in mind, offering modular ergonomic solutions for carriages catering. Freezers, refrigerators, cookers and dishwashers are set up on a 940cm module system where the single element can be relocated modularly in every position of the catering system without compromising the solidity of the structure, designed to withstand the strong dynamic stresses of the traveling complex.

Research and development are now essential to keep pace with the demands of a constantly evolving market such as rail transport. MODULAR WAY is one of the innovative solutions proposed by MULTIRAIL for railway catering