Multi Rail 20 Years Anniversary with Elio Doro


Today the company turns 20!

«A heartfelt thanks to the whole MULTI RAIL team that has made us an international leader in the railway catering sector.»


Elio Doro, Founder and President of MULTI RAIL, in 2001, after 30 years of experience in the Catering Equipment sector, was the first to understand what the potential of the railway sector could be, which today represents the Core Business of MULTI RAIL.

«A warm wish for a future full of new and exciting success!»

Multirail celebrates twenty years of a unique activity that has made it a world leader in the catering sector for high-speed trains.

All in the typically Venetian silence and discretion that makes use of the saying “mejo far e taser che parlar massa e no far gnent” (it is better to do and keep quiet than to talk too much and do nothing).

Elio Doro, the creator of this reality which today employs twenty-eight specialized workers, does not like to appear very much, he prefers to work behind the scenes and carry out his activity which requires know-how and extremely high precision.

Witness the fact that many in the town and its surroundings do not even know the existence of this reality that has been developing every day for twenty years in an almost anonymous warehouse in the industrial area of ​​Cimavilla di Codognè.

Hundreds of preparations for trains from all over the world started from here. There is no country that has ultra-fast train roundabouts on its territory that does not have a Multirail train.

In retracing this adventure Elio Doro talks about the many difficulties but above all the enormous satisfactions collected in these decades in which he collaborated with Giugiaro to optimize the preparation of trains such as the “Orient Express”, on the “Italo” trains with Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and with Trenitalia for the various preparations for the “Frecciarossa” and other trains of the Italian company.

And orders from abroad are on the rise: “We built trains in Finland where our set-ups had to withstand 40 degrees below zero, or trains in Saudi Arabia that would have faced the challenges of the fine sand that creeps in everywhere, creating significant logistical difficulties, without take into account the very high temperatures.

Continuous challenges to be faced with my “magnificent twenty-eight” with team spirit that we have always completed with great patience and pride.

In the large shed we work inside the “skeleton” of the railway carriage on which the fridges, stoves, compressors, accessories and everything that will be part of that set-up required for the catering of passengers in the train that will have to withstand stresses are adapted. at three hundred kilometers per hour, cold, heat, sand or snow depending on the country of destination.

Multirail has never stopped in these twenty years but has grown and specialized from year to year, taking advantage of all the experiences acquired from time to time.

Like an artisan tailor who cuts his tailor-made clothes according to the physical conformation of the customer, Elio Doro has been able to create excellences that make him proud and happy of a journey that resembles a fascinating train journey through the rails of the whole world. .


A journey that has lasted for twenty years and that seems destined to last a long time!

Today Multi Rail company celebrates its 20 years of activity