United Kingdom High Speed by Trenitalia

Trenitalia Frecciarossa 1000 train

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We continue the article by the Economics Editor which appeared on the Corriere della Sera website

Trenitalia has recently won the contract for the management of the railway franchise of the British West Coast which includes the InterCity connections London-Edinburgh-Glasgow and the high speed between London and Birmingham. The service will not be carried out exclusively but shared with the multinational transport company FirstGroup, 70% with the latter and 30% with Trenitalia. With regards to the news, the British Department of Transportation has declared << The revenues of the franchise have been over the last year equal to over 1,250 billion euros, with forecasts of growth in the coming years >>. Starting from 2026, in addition to the already mentioned InterCity connections, services will have to be planned on the recent London-Birmingham high-speed line (High Speed ​​2).

More than 39 million passengers travel every year on the London-Edinburgh-Glasgow InterCity, with 76 trains providing 300 connections a day. The partnership between the two companies involves the renewal of all 56 Pendolino trains in service and the addition of 25,000 new seats for travelers. Under the agreement between Trenitalia and FirstGroup, over 260 additional services will be introduced within the next 3 years every week with the introduction of 13 new bi-modal trains and 10 electric trains. When the work on the High Speed ​​2 line is completed, around 30 million people will be able to take advantage of new connections, giving new impetus to the economic development of the entire country thanks to reduced travel times between the north and south of the island.

Gianfranco Battisti, director of the national and international passenger division and of high-speed Trenitalia, declared << Starting from the acquisition of c2c in 2017, our penetration of the British market has been considerably strengthened through investments in technology and services to customers >> adding << Trenitalia is now one of the main railway operators in Europe: present in the French, German, Greek and Austrian and Swiss partnerships, as well as in Italy and the United Kingdom. Our ambition is to grow further in the UK and elsewhere in the coming years >>.

Trenitalia’s international expansion continues in England with the race won together with FirstGroup for high speed.